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  • Google’s Distrust Causes Headaches for Webmasters May 2, 2018
    How often have you tried to access a website, and it took oh! so long to load — or worse — didn’t load? It could have been a strong antivirus preventing a suspicious website from loading. It could have been a browser issue. Developers have known for more than a decade that user interface (UI) […]
  • Influencer marketing in the real world: DBrand case study October 23, 2017
    The world has changed pretty drastically in the past ten years. I still find it hard to believe that it’s been ten years since the launch of first iPhone. That single moment changed the course of the technological landscape. And since that moment, a rapid increase in instant content consumption has changed how the advertising works. […]
  • Slack vs MatterMost and Rocket Chat. Are the open Source Alternatives worth it ? August 30, 2017
    Chat apps used in the workplace are on the rise to becoming the next colossal thing that unified communications will get to experience. This is because productivity chat tools lack the nuisance and clutter that characterize emails. They promote workplace collaboration so that it entirely supersedes instant messaging apps that were used previously. Robust team […]
    Compromised by Google Mail Hack, Following will help you.   There has been a massive hack targeting all the google users. So please check the following things if you have been compromised, This malware attempts all the users even the Gmail corporate users. So even if you have your business mails hosted with Google you […]
  • Content Marketing Still Matters ! April 5, 2017
    The art of Persuasion under the guise of Information is not New  ! Content Marketing is simply the well planned and structured market approach aimed at creating and sharing content or promoting a brand in order to stimulate, attract and retain interests in a particular product or services. Content marketing is very strategic and precise. […]
  • Keywords are important, intent match indispensable July 29, 2016
    Summary – Write for the intent, not keywords. If you play with keywords too much, your traffic will increase but so will your bounce rates and the dreadful pogo-sticking sessions. Imagine you are searching for finance investment advice. It’s already been 2 years since you got this awesome job and now you have saved enough […]
  • Long-Tail Keywords for SEO: A Better Way to Connect with Customers July 28, 2016
    Competition – it all starts and ends with competition. How much competition you have in the line of business defines your prosperity and even survival. Aristotle said this 2,300 years ago – “Device for getting money is of universal application, and is nothing but the creation of a monopoly.” And it holds true today, and […]
  • Why you should go for Facebook Ads instead of Google AdWords for your E-commerce business April 26, 2016
    Digital advertising is a gigantic pool of options. You can advertise your business on Facebook, Google SERPs, blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and the list goes on and on. Add traditional advertising to the mix and most business owners and marketers just freeze. There’s simply too many options. Even giants like The New York Times […]
  • Magic of Google Re-marketing – How effectively you use to build brand and get conversions April 26, 2016
    Are you familiar with re-marketing? Re-marketing is actually awesome. It is a type of technology that shows your business ads to people who have visited your website, used your mobile app, or given you their email address. In simple words, after visiting your website, when people visit or shop on other websites, watch videos, use […]
  • Unified Payment Interface aka UPI – what you need to know April 16, 2016
    Your friend is in deep trouble You are going to Pune to attend your boss’s daughter’s wedding. You’ve just crossed MP border and you receive a call from your friend. It’s urgent, he needs 10 thousand rupees immediately. So what do you do? Well, you can ask your another friend to transfer the money. You […]