CDAP Application Process

1Sign in using GCKey or the Trusted Sign-in option.
2Complete/verify profile information (first and last names and email address) for creation of a My Canada Business Account
3Verify their email address with the confirmation email
4Verify their identity by either: Interac (only available to clients of RBC, CIBC, TD, Scotiabank,Desjardins, BMO) OR a manual verification with CDAP officer. If the SME chooses Interact, they must use their personal banking information to verify their identity
5For corporations: The SME must sign into CRA to verify their eligibility. The SME must provide their business information. This is not their personal CRA login. For sole proprietors: The SME must download the PDF application form and email it to CDAP
6Finally, if eligible, the SME must accept the grant agreement and provide their banking information. If successful, their portal should look like below and they can access the DA marketplace.

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