CDAP Instructions


CDAP Instructions

Here is a detailed set of instructions to expedite the process of your application.

Feel free to contact me at +1 877-304-1122 if you encounter any difficulties. We will be able to set up an appointment and assist you or just text the number if you have any questions throughout the process.

What you will need on hand:

  • Your business number
  • Banking details or your GCKey

***We recommend that you sign up for a GCKey***

Step 1

Click On Apply Now

Step 2

Use Interac Sign in Service

Step 3

Login using Sign in Partner

Step 4

Step 5

Portal home – Click Verify Now Link

Step 6

Will be taken to Verify Service

Step 7

Use Bank Account

Step 8

Verification Process

Step 9

Process Going on

Step 10

Step 11

Verification Complete and Apply Now

Step 12

Start the Application Process

Step 13

Eligibility Confirmation

Step 14

Apply For Grant After Eligibility Confirmation

Step 15

Complete the Application – Don’t Fast Track

Step 16

Upload Banking information

Step 17

The Application is Complete

Step 18

Find Digital Advisor

Step 19

Upload The Plan and Invoice

Step 20

Submit Plan and Invoice

Step 21

Grant Claim Submission Complete

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