Digital Strategy

If you want to establish a strong identity for your business to maximize your opportunity and profit, one of the best things that you can do is to have an effective digital strategy to carry out your plans. ‘Digital Strategy’ is the blueprint of all businesses in the online world. In the online business landscape, digital strategy is a very essential component, which enables you to talk with broad range of customers with brand listening to numerous digital platforms. However, with the complexity of social technology landscape and with the intricacy in display advertising, costumer’s behavior changes and competitors alters their tactics to new technologies to match the changing marketing landscape.

The digital strategy consulting Toronto is your leading strategy consulting service. Net Karma promises to give you only the best, in terms of digital marketing solutions in order to increase your revenue and gain numerous benefits from your investment. At Net karma, we do the due diligence in doing your intended consumer profiling, do the research on market and competition and strategics a campaign for effective penetration. When we speak about strategy, what we incorporate is only the best and innovative oriented plan that will surely offer a great future investment opportunity for your business be it a start-up or a large company. We had been at the forefront of quality digital advertising and since our existence take hold of positive testament coming from our happy and satisfied clients due to our hard work and efficiency.


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We make sure to have a thorough analysis on your main competitors and study about their strengths and weaknesses to better know which step is to be considered for you to get ahead of them. We also make muse of efficient financial strategy, thus we analyze your company’s financial data with the aim of understanding the impact of certain changes that would have on the company.

Web Analytics

We carefully study about the company’s usage patterns by identifying online assets and evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s present online offering.

Analytical CRM

Our expert professionals conducts a careful analysis of the company’s customer database and as well as their information repositories along with the goal to provide better access for the customers.

Multichannel Analysis

Net karma efficiently analyzes customer’s behavior (such as customer’s service behavior or purchase behavior) across various channels, where they interact with the company’s product information (ex. how customer develop intent to buy a product and avail a service, how they become aware of the services and products and how they actually purchase the product).

Since our inception, most of our optimization, social media, targeting, and attribution and cross-channel offerings had already received recognition- as proof of our first-rate and unending commitment to innovation. We understand your needs when it comes to tough digital strategy, so we consider broader opportunities to achieve the best result that truly deserve. We incorporate collaboration, customer intelligence, sales & service optimization, architectures and enterprise technology, innovations and governance to better create a customer-focused effort and effective marketing strategy that we integrate in our ecommerce, social site, advertising, website and SEO.

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