Growth Hacking

Growth hacking are comprised of various complex marketing processes as it involves fully outsourced service. Getting it correct is certainly an internal cultural shift, which comes with the multifaceted combination of testing, engineering, marketing, data science, and as well as user experience designs. If you can’t handle the complexities that is normally associated in growth hacking, rest your worries aside and let our expert team of growth hacker handle the process for you! At Net karma, we offer growth hacking marketing consulting that is available for companies of all sizes. We develop excellent marketing techniques, especially for those start-up businesses with limited financial capabilities. We also provide growth hacking services that will help numerous firms to gain business success.

Net karma is working on various tools and platforms to help better businesses with their growth hacking efforts. We also have specific tool-based approach that we effectively utilize in automating different growth hacking processes and tasks that will excellently release a marketing service platform that will ultimately use these tools under single interface. With the help of our growth hackers, we will define your projects and campaigns, generate your growth action plan and define targets along with essential metrics, and design an excellent and convenient workflows to best execute actions, as automated as possible. On the other hand, users will be able to deploy and pick the tool that they need and integrate it according to their own preference as well as incorporating third-party platforms to better gain outstanding digital marketing that will surely increase the profit of your business. Here are some of the areas of our growth hacking services:


The Netkarma’s open-tool philosophy allows our Growth Hacker Professionals to work with both our ‘stand-alone solution’ and with our ‘best-of-breed tools’, building the desired workflow & reporting mechanisms in order to achieve end targets.

Viral Marketing

We provide quality ‘marketing buzz’ (marketing techniques) that integrates pre-existing social networking technologies and other innovative tools to produce & tremendously increase the product awareness for customers and as well as to achieve your marketing objectives. By means of creating self-replicating ‘viral processes’, we make sure to deliver a great network effects.

Content Management

One of our main purpose is to drive traffic to your site by attracting and retaining customers by consistently curating and creating valuable and up-to-date content along with our intention to change or enhance consumer’s behavior towards your product/services. We make each process with utmost expertise that we best integrate into your business overall marketing strategy, and we also focuses on ‘owning a media’ and not ‘renting’ it. At Netkarma, we make marketing as an art of communication. We create content management that will surely communicate with your prospective customers without you making an effort to sell it.

Search Engine Marketing

Do you want to effectively gain more customers in no time? That’ll be no problem for Netkarma. We provide hands on SEM (Search Engine Marketing) solutions for our clients to promote their sites and their visibility in search engine.

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