In modern markets, digital marketing shapes how the products and services are sold. We help you market better.

Google is the gateway of Internet and often an important first step in purchase decision. No business can deny the importance on being found on Google ahead of their competitors. We at Net Karma understand your target audience, Do research on what possible keywords your users use to search for your service and to finally create an over all strategy to rank on those keywords and to convert your prospect to a customer.

Great User Experience creates an instant impression on your customer perception. Great product experience comes from how your user feels about it from the get go. The colors, the animation, the copy, All should come together to create this vivid experience that stays with your user forever.

The world is going mobile. We create a powerful mobile presence that will help you grow in this consumer-driven age.

Right strategy combined with the latest technology.

Our Work

The Right Strategy

Marketing is both a science and an art. Anyone can drive a car but only a few are F1 drivers. Our vast experience in marketing allows us to develop potent strategy.

Powerful Technology

Combined with the latest technology and tactics, we apply the strategy to your marketing efforts. We focus on the results, carefully watching how people respond.

Data-Driven Mindset

Focusing on the analytics, we analyze how people respond to our efforts. A/B testing, CRO, content marketing optimization etc. are the basic elements of our process.

Hypothesis not opinions. Results, not process.

When we follow a strictly data-driven approach, something magical happens. Results, beating expectations.

Social Media Marketing (SMO)

  • Competitive Research
  • Strategy creation
  • Account setups
  • Content generation
  • Ad campaign management

Search Engine
Optimization (SEO)

  • Keyword and intent research
  • On-page optimization
  • Microdata ( integration
  • Content creation and publication
  • Digital PR

Online Reputation
Management (ORM)

  • Online reviews monitoring
  • Community management
  • 24×7 user engagement
  • Wikipedia management
  • Positive reviews enhancements

Media Buying / PPC

  • Search engine page ads
  • Display and interactive ads
  • Retargeting
  • A/B testing
  • Multi-lingual ads

Our unparalleled expertise in marketing lets you focus on what you do best — run your business.

We work as your business partner to grow your business with the best and latest marketing approaches.

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